I've been reluctant to start a fitness line because of the many reasons that flow through my head telling me not to. It's been a few years coming that's for sure. I remember going back and forth with myself and my friend about it. She couldn't understand my anxieties about it, all she saw was someone who wouldn't fail at it. Meanwhile, I'm in agreeing with her on the surface but underneath I'm paying it no mind. After all, I'd only been back into fitness for like maybe two years. The Covid hit and the world seemed like it stood still. Every one was impacted in such a major way by the pandemic, one way or another. I would like to take a moment to extend my sincerest condolences to all that lost a love one during this time. My heart is with you and your loved ones. During my time of stillness, I learned that when something doesn't work out for me. It's not rejection or NO, it just means BIGGER! Let me explain, I put out sweat belts and it was an epic fail. At the time I felt so embarrassed and even hid for a bit after. It wasn't my best, that's for sure. I "TRIED" and that only means to me that I'd do it for the sake of doing it but not giving it my all so that way if it doesn't work out, I can say "I TRIED." Well at the time I wasn't so enlightened about disappointments and failure so to speak as I am now. I realize now that it wasn't rejection or NO! It was simply saying to me BIGGER. Now let's fast forward to Tuesday, June 8, 2021, the day that I launched my fitness apparel. Never did I think that from the day that i sold like 2 sweat belts, that I would have a ton of supporters rallying behind me in total excitement. I have to say that I am truly amazed by how well it turned out and even more amazed by all the support I've received. If I can tell you anything, it'll be BIGGER! Any time there is something that you want that doesn't workout for you, please remember that it only mean that you have something much BIGGER in store for you. Just don't give up, stay the course and I assure you that in the end your mind will be blown.- LuFit